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Hino Shinsengumi Festival

Hino-shuku Headquarter

Hino-shuku Headquarter

Takahata Fudo Temple

Shinsengumi and Hino

Thirty minutes from the high rises of Shinjuku, when the scenery changes from suburban towns to peaceful fields and forests, you know you are in Hino, the hometown of Shinsengumi.

Shinsengumi dedicated their lives to uphold the ideal of honour, and to protect the Bakufu government and the city of Kyoto in the tumultuous Bakumatsu period as the last samurai organisation.

Many of these brave men, who fought as Shinsengumi, were in fact not only of samurai origin, but also from the peasant class as represented by core leaders of the organisation such as Kondo Isami and Hijikata Toshizo.

Hijikata Toshizo

Hino is the very place where these young men came together before they began to claim notoriety as Shinsengumi. It is also home to Hino-shuku Headquarter, the 5th Station on Koshu Highway, built 160 years ago during the Edo period, and Takahata Fudo Temple, a Buddhist temple boasting more than a thousand years of history and the magnificent five-tier pagoda. As you could imagine, these places are very closely related to Shinsengumi's history.

On Sunday, May 13th, Hino Shinsengumi Festival will adorn the streets of Hino. There will be exhibitions, performances and the renowned Shinsengumi parade where people celebrate these young men in traditional clothing and costumes. Do not miss this opportunity to experience Japanese history and culture seen from the eyes of ordinary Japanese people.


The 15th Hino Shinsengumi Festival

Rekiso (Cosplay) Squad

Shinsengumi Parade

Last year's Hino Shinsengumi Festival was cancelled due to the Great East Japan Earthquake and was replaced by a smaller scale celebration that took place with the Hino Trade and Industry Festival.

This year, the full-scale festival including the renowned Shinsengumi Parade will make a comeback and once again, turquoise-adorned Shinsengumi will once again colour the city of Hino.

The pre-festival event Shinsengumi Competition will take place on April 29th, followed by the main festival on May 12th and 13th.

This year's festival is better than ever with new additions such as the Rekiso (Cosplay) Squad, who will be dressing up as popular characters from popular culture based in the Bakumatsu period, special sale of Hakuoki goods and B-class gourmet selection from friend cities of Shinsengumi around Japan.

For fans of Japanese martial arts and military, we have prepared a special samurai sword performance by the Tennenrishin-ryu School, and the re-enactment of matchlock muskets including real firing!

Hino Shinsengumi festival also provides the opportunity to experience traditional buildings such as the Hino-shuku Headquarter and remnants of traditional streets preserved in Hino.

Your adventure in Hino will be guided by the Cell Phone Stamp Rally, which will take you to various sites and local museums, as well as the Hino-shuku Stamp Rally following the footsteps of Hijikata Toshizo and Kondo Isami.

To celebrate the festival, Shinsengumi-related museums in Hino will hold special exhibitions including materials normally unavailable to the public.
This is definitely not an opportunity to be missed!


April 29th (Sun, Public Holiday)

Shinsengumi Competition

A competition will be held to select who will represent top Shinsengumi members such as Hijikata Toshizo, Kondo Isami, Okita Soji, Inoue Genzaburo and such.

14:00〜16:30Five-tier Pagoda Hall, Takahata Fudo Templ

On the day, the Great Spring Festival of National Treasure will also be taking place in Takahata Fudo Temple.

The temple grounds will be filled with antique and horticulture stalls. Prior to the Shinsengumi Competition, eight Omikoshi, the divine palanquins of Shinto, will also be on display from 12:30pm.


Photos from the previous competition

For more information on the Great Spring Festival of National Treasure

May 12th (Sat), 13th (Sun), on Both Days

Hino Shinsengumi Festival Cell-phone Stamp Rally

Your goal is to just check-in at six designated spots within the Hino city!

On each day, the first 500 people to clear the mission will receive a special gift.

Registration times at the goal10:00〜16:00
Check-in spotsHijikata Toshizo Museum
Inoue Genzaburo Museum
Sato Hikogoro Shinsengumi Museum
Hino Museum of Heritage
Hino-shuku Headquarter
Takahata Fudo Temple
Example of GiftsB3 sized original Hakuoki poster
Other Shinsengumi goods
One gift per person

For participation in the Cell Phone Stamp Rally

iphon Android 3G Cell Phone

Renga Hall (Civic Hall)

Special edition Hakuoki goods sold at Hino Shinsengumi Festival!

Following items wiill be available at the Foyer Hall

Original Hakuoki poster
Original Hakuoki clear file
Original Hakuoki postcards
Hino edition Shinsengumi goods and etc

The goods are sold on 12th and 13th.
On the 12th, a raffle ticket will be given for purchases over 1000 yen made before 3:00pm.

Raffles will be drawn at the special performance, "Samurai - the Spirit of Mononofu" held at the same venue (Renga Hall) from 4:00pm.


Central Park Hall/Civic Plaza

B-class gourmet from friend cities of Shinsengumi

Shirakawa burger

Let's decide the No. 1 B-class gourmet: Hino vs. Friend cities of Shinsengumi

Wakamatsu city, Aizu (Japanese curry yakisoba)
Shirakawa city (Shirakawa burger)
Chofu city (Kondo bread produced by Bread Gallery Concerto)
Hino city (Hijikata Toshizo yakisoba with Hino Japanese pear sauce and Shinsen-pickled Hino radish)

Let's decide the No. 1 local sweets: Hino vs. Friend cities of Shinsengumi

Shirakawa city (Ittosai pound cake)
Hakodate city (Hakodate monaka, Hijikata Toshizo red bean jam bread, Enomoto Takaaki red bean bread)
Hino city (Hijikata Toshizo manju - special Spring edition with cherry blossom jam, Hakuoki sweets)
Food stalls from friend cities of Shinsengumi
Ichigaya-yanagi-cho Training Hall, Takinogawa in Kita-ward, Tokyo
Nagaoka Rice Festival Committeetd

Saturday、May 12th

Hang in there Fukushima! Let`s go Aizu! Let`s get together, Shinsengumi fans!

Various events including charity activities for the disaster-affected areas will take place in the Central Park stage.

Central Park stage

9:30~10:15Hino signal drum performance at main avenue, Central Park
10:15〜10:30Samurai sword battle performance by L Products
11:00〜11:30Opening ceremony
11:40~12:00Samurai sword battle and dance performance by Shinsengumi Girls
12:00〜12:30Samurai sword battle and dance performance by Mugai-ryu
12:30〜12:40Introduction of B-class gourmet from friend cities of Shinsengumi 
12:50~13:20Introducing Wakamatsu city of Aizu, with performance by local groups, Bakkyotai and Joshitai
13:30~14:20Panel discussion: Hang in there Fukushima!
Panel members
Sato Isamu, Head of Aizu Shinsengumi Society
Iwasaki Yoichi, Manager for the Division of Commerce and Tourism, Shirakawa City Council
Ito Eriko, Battle of Miyako Bay Society
Miura Moriyoshi, Head of Hino Shinsengumi Festival Committee
Hijikata Ai, Director of Shinsengumi Museum
Oguri Sakura, History idol
14:30~15:10Shinsengumi Quiz Competition
Commentator: Yamamura Tatsuya, History reviewer for NHK drama series, Shinsengumi!
15:15~15:45Meet Mr Hijikata and the squad leaders
Rock, scissors and paper competition with Mr Hijikata
(Winner gets a pair accommodation ticket in Aizu)
15:45~16:00Yosakoi dance performance by Shinsengumi REVO
16:00~16:30Introducing the Shinsengumi Parade on the 13th

"Samurai - the Spirit of Momonofu"

Renga Hall (Civic Hall)

Momonofu is a name used in the old days to refer to samurai, the renowned Japanese warrior class.

This is your opportunity to experience in person the arts of samurai sword as demonstrated by the Tennenrishin-ryu School, whose heritage dates back to Edo period.

Performances by the current Tennenrishin-ryu School, Hatsu'unkai
are held every year at the Okunitama Shrine in Fuchu.
14:30~Hall opening time
15:00~Performance time
15:00~Tennenrishin-ryu samurai sword arts demonstration by the Tennenrishin-ryu School, Yubukan.
This performance is overseen by Mr Inoue and Mr Miyakawa, descendents of core Shinsengumi members Inoue Genzaburo and Kondo Isami.
15:20~Samurai sword performance by L Products
15:20~Demonstration of real samurai sword by the National Federation of Japanese Sword Arts
16:00~Raffle of limited edition Shinsengumi goods - you could win Hakuoki goods!
Raffle tickets are required to participate in this event.

Sunday, May 13th

Shinsengumi Parade

Memorial service in front of the statue of
Hijikata Toshizo

Parade in front of Sando street

Led by the winner of Shinsengumi Contest who will dress up as Hijikata Toshizo, more than 600 people dressed as Shinsengumi members, and friends of Shinsengumi will parade around the city of Hino.

The parade will commence in the morning at the Takahata Fudo temple, a memorial place for Hijikata, and then move to the Hino-shuku Headquarter area, the birthplace of Shinsengumi,.

Takahata parade course (Sando street and the temple grounds)

9:30Parade kickoff (In front of the Dainichi Hall, Takahata Fudo Temple)
9:50Horaku - traditional Buddhist entertainment (In front of the Hijikata Toshizo statue, Takahata Fudo Temple)
10:15Parade starts at Sando street
10:15〜Hino Kids Shinsengumi Takahata Squad Parade (Sando street)
10:25Parade goal-in at the temple grounds (Dainichi Hall)
11:00〜12:00Samurai sword performance (Sando street and the temple grounds)

※A special performance by Shiogama Chindon CM, a traditional Japanese marching band, will follow the parade in the Takahata Fudo Temple area.

Takahata parade course (Sando street and the temple grounds)

For images from the previous parade

Hino Parade Course (Koshu Highway and Central Park Hall Area)

Hino Kids Shinsengumi Hino Squad

Parade at the Hino-shuku on Koshu Highway

Performance in front of Hino station

Aizu Squard's arrival at the main hall

From this year, newly participating Rekiso Squad will bring more fun to the parade at Hino!

13:35Hino parade kickoff (Hino Dai-ichi elementary school)
13:35〜Parade by the Rekiso Squad and Hiko Kids Shinsengumi Hino Squad
13:40Victory call (In front of Hino-shuku Headquarter)
13:50〜Yasaka Shrine
Parade by the Hino Kendo Federation Boys Squad (From Yasaka Shrine to Hino station main street)
14:00Hino station main street
14:10〜14:50 Samurai sword performance (Hino station main street)
14:50〜Samurai sword performance (Central Park Hall/Central Park main avenue)
15:00Parade goal-in at Central Park Hall (Central Park Hall/Central Park main avenue)
15:30〜Closing ceremony (Central Park Hall/Stage)
Free time for participants until bus departure


※Possession of swords (including replicas) and the drawing of swords in places other than designated spots are prohibited. Please follow the instructions of staff members.

Events at the Central Park Hall/Stage

10:00〜10:30High school band performanc
10:40〜11:40Hawaiian band and hula dance
11:50〜12:00Smile Kids Performance by Tamadaira Kindergarten
12:00〜12:20You and Me Dance School
12:20〜12:40Brand New Dance Market
12:40〜13:10Clap & Stomp
13:25〜13:55Tap dance 
14:00〜14:20Yuriito Dance and More by the Hino High School Dance Club

Events at the Central Park Hall/Central Park main street

9:40〜10:00Unicycle performance by Manganji Children's Club
12:30〜14:00Omikoshi (Divine Palanquin) performance by Hino Mikoshi Circle
14:05〜14:35Yasaka Drums
14:35〜14:45Samurai sword performance by L Products
14:45〜15:15Reception for Shinsengumi Parade

Event at the Central Park Hall/Grass Foyer

Demonstration of Western-style ballistics
11:00〜Demonstration of Western-style ballistics

Hino-shuku street (Koshu Highway)

Yasaka Shrine

The votive tablet donated by Tennenrishin-ryu School will be on display at Yasaka Shrine.

9:15〜Yasaka Shrine samurai sword competition
9:30〜Samurai sword competition for boys
13:00〜Samurai sword demonstration by the Tennenrishin-ryu School Hatsuunkai
13:20〜Samurai sword demonstration by the National Federation of Japanese Sword Arts

Hino Station Post Office (House of Watanabe)

On the 13th, the clay-built storehouse at the House of Watanabe, designated by the city of Tokyo as a historical site, will be open to public for one day.

10:00〜16:00Opening hours for the storehouse at the House of Watanabe

Walk Rally in Hino-shuku

The rally will take you around places in Hino once walked by the young men who became Shinsengumi. You could also win limited edition goods and prizes.

10:00〜15:00Start - Registrations accepted at Gallery Café Oya
Where to find the stamps
Gallery Café Oya
Sakashita Jizo Temple
Hino Renga bridge
Inoue Genzaburo Museum
The Tongarashi jizo bodhisattva statue
Hino Library
Hino-shuku Headquarter
Sato Hikogoro Shinsengumi Museum
Old Bank of Hino Site
Jizo bodhisattva statue of the East
〜16:30Goal-in at Shimin-no-mori-fureai Hall (Civic Hall for Community Building)

For more information on Walk Rally in Hino-shuku

Hino-shuku Exchange Centre Hall Parking Space at the Hino-shuku Exchange Centre

11:00〜Various stalls (Until sold out)
12:30〜Raffle Draws (Raffle tickets are required for participation.)

Civic Athletics Stadium

9:00〜17:00The 5th 50km Walk in Tamagawa - As Fast as Toshi Competition

Inquiries Hino Shinsengumi Festival Committee
Hino Tourism Association

※E-mail inquiries are preferred.


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